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Introduction of Real Racing 3 Tips and Tricks

Real Racing 3 has been the first triple-crown preparation mobile game for the years. In this game, the users enhance their driving skills. This game was developed, introduced by the Firemonkey Studio. But this game was published by EA Sports. So, during this game, numerous various players are trying to win the games. Real Racing 3 Tricks and Tips will be one of the main causes to win games easily.


There are different units of varied races in one series of the sport. So, there are unit nearly a hundred thirty series within the whole game. Hence it includes sure specific cars that area unit reaching to use in each series. So, users ought to win the trophies in each series to unlock the additional series.

Most of the series could not be completed to 100% as a result of the players could not purchase. Hence the all useable cars of the series are purchasable but are costly. So, participants get awarded $ and gold coins by finishing the twenty-fifth, 50%, seventy fifth and 100% completion of the series.


Real Racing 3 has almost fifteen to twenty tiers in one series. Then every level has one to 3 races ahead of the users. So once the user unfastened a minimum of one layer of the series, then it additional mechanically unlocks all races of the identical tier. Remaining tiers of the identical sequence are untied by the wining the Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies.

This game is the real power of racing games within the sports world. Hence it includes the numerous cars, real drivers, real circuits, etc. which can create this game much better than the different sport games.

Unlimited cash

Users will get unlimited cash within the app version. So, users have unlimited money at no cost. Users ought to customize their games with the cash to induce higher ranks so that users can win every game and earn some cash, coins, etc.

Unlimited Coins 

Real Racing 3 has fully customizable resources. So, this app has numerous coins conjointly, which can be useful for the users to buy something. Hence within the official version, users ought to win the games to earn the coins. However, within the app version, they need the already free unlimited coins in their pocket.

So, there are numerous Real Racing 3 Tips and Tricks. Users can surely enjoy these tips and tricks in the game.


If you start the race in the last position, you can quickly get a higher place by simple tricks. Users should not follow the cars in front but also cross the other by the inside of the turn. In this way, you can quickly jump to a higher position.

Breaking Assistant

For the better completion time of the race, you have to turn off the brake assistant. Hence users have to off the breaking assistant option and use break wise manually. This thing will help users to complete a race in a hurry.


In the game, users have to maintain a high speed. Try to drive across the circuit to cut low the circuit. So, you should drive the car from the corners to reach the finish line.


Users have to play the game with their friends to enhance their driving skills and win the games. So, users can easily invite their friends by Facebook and game center. When you beat your friend, you will get the 10% bonus money every time.

Cut off Rivals

There is another thing to minimize race time. Users have to bump the rival’s cars and cut them from the race immediately. They can cut or side down opponents, and this way, rivals can exit from the circuit.

Avoid to Damage

The other main thing is that users should try to avoid contact with other drivers. You have to avoid damage. Users should try to drive a risk-free car.


It is most important to choose the best and most beautiful upgrades for your car. Users have to focus on the better start and select better updates. This thing will also help to win the games.

Starter Car

So, choose wisely your starter car. It will bring your car faster in the circuit. Users have to choose the Nissan car to move more quickly at the start. Thus, the Nissan car has better brake quality and a fast accelerator.

Car Sales Offers

In the game, some distinct offers are available to buy the car. Make sure to have a decent amount in your hand to avail of any offer. Users should take advantage of these sales offers.

Mclaren Mp4

Hence this car has all the good qualities to win any game. So, users try to have this magic car in their garage. Because Mclaren car has some of the best and most unique stats among all vehicles in the game, this car will quickly bring you to the next levels.

Upgrade decisions for Vehicles

So, users will complete themselves in additional than 4000 events that embrace the Cup races, Eliminators, Drag races, etc. Users will select the variety of their cars additionally. Hence, they will choose the favorite circuit to drive. Users also can vogue their cars, customize their vehicles with lovely paints, alloy, etc.

Indeed, the players have gotten additional decisions, choices to upgrade their vehicles. They will update themselves in sports standards to higher levels additionally. So, users have a large kind of decisions of paints, car shapes, designs, etc. this stuff can impact the car’s performance.

Download Real Racing 3 Apk Latest Version and Installation

Real Racing 3 Mod Apk


Name Real Racing 3
Apk Version 8.3.2
Version Updated 30-03-2020
Android Version 4.1 and up
Apk File Size 42 MB

This is the way to download the official game of Real Racing 3.


So, this Real Racing 3 Tips are available for all android users and IOS users. These tips and tricks are very helpful for users to win the games. Real Racing 3 Game Tips and Tricks are somehow the reliable and secure hints which users can use easily.