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Real Racing 3 for Android

Introduction of Real Racing 3 for Android

There are thousands of racing games available in-app store, but Real Racing 3 2020 has its rating and demand due to its extraordinary features. Patric Brodesson and Jesse Neave are its technical directors. It is also famous as an award-winning authorization. Real Racing 3 latest version 2020 discovered a new era in mobile car racing games. It is a fantastic game with a lot of pleasure for racing players.

Game is offering real-time cars, audience, and tracks. The more advancing features are making it more familiar. Unlocking cars, series

Features of Real Racing 3 Mod Apk

Real Cars to drive

Real Racing 3 the latest version 2020 is representing three classes of cars.

  1. First Class of P( Production)
  2. Second Class of R( Race)
  3. Third Class of S( Supercar)

The above classes are identified according to the game series. You can access new cars by unlocking them through earning trophies and showcase-tier that featured the desired car. These tiers can be unblocked through gold you earn. There are many more different ways to buy a full-featured car.

To buy a car, just go to the Main Menu screen, now tap on the car icon on the top of the screen with the symbol of plus. It will browse to the manufacturer and the available models of the cars. Most cars take time to be delivered, but gold can arrange a car for you instantly.

Real Tracks directions

There are 17 full lineup real tracks from top locations of the world, i.e., Dubai Autodrome, Hockenheimring, Le Mans, and Silverstone.

Real People to race with

You will play with real people who are the users of Real Racing 3 of the latest version 2020 from all over the world.

Setting of the Real Racing 3 Game

General setting: General settings are Audio, Cloud Save setting, and Social Media Setting. The audio setting allows you to set the volume levels. 0 to 10 is the volume range. Real Racing Cloud will enable you to save any race that you want to, but if you lost your game progress, you could sync it through Cloud Save. As long as you play the Real Racing 3 Android, your save is automatically move to Cloud Save.

Social Media

To compete with your friends worldwide, log in to Social Media account, and enjoy more.

Map Setting

Map displays Map Color, Map Opacity, and Map Zoom. You can toggle the Display of the Minimap. You can control whether to show less or more about the race tracks in the Minimap. The Map color can also be changed. The Minimap can be more transparent by Map Opacity.

Display Setting

The display setting allows you to set Heads-up Display, Display speed, Auto Contrast, Race Information, Display Spees, TSM Names, and TSM Avatars by display control buttons. Heads-up display allows displaying race information and Minimap on screen. Display speed lets you view the speedometer in kilometers and miles on your Heads-up Display screen. Auto contrast will enable you to enhance the visual of Heads-up by bright sunlight. TSM is about your friend’s name and race information that you can put on top of the screen above his car.

Photo mode

Photo mode is a feature that allows you can take photos of your car by different variations, directions, and positions. Filters and effects are available to apply to your photo, and you can share it on your social media network.

Driver Assist

This feature includes Steering assist, traction control, and brake assist. To help the car to find the optimal racing line, you can make small changes in the adjustment of steering. To avoid loss of friction, you can make adjustments in traction control. Brake assist helps to prevent smash with other cars; you can enable automatic braking to facilitate the cornering while racing.

Rules to play Real Racing 3 Games

Login or play as a guest

To learn about the game rules and how to start the game, you can have the option to take your demo as a guest. After login, it will assign you a Player ID.

Share it and get credits

Just share the game with Facebook and Sina Weibo friends to get free credits. Also, you must post your results to these social media platforms to attract your friends to play the game and get free credits.

Can watch the replay

You can watch a replay of the new drive you have played. There is a race replay button on the race result screen. On the bottom right, the playback, pause, rewind, and fast forward buttons of controls pinpointed.

Save the game

To watch any of your favorite games, you can save it either in your Cloud account or to Google Drive of your android device.

Opt-out from ads

You can quickly opt-out from ads by making an in-app purchase.


In each real-time race, multiplayer beats up eight competitors against one another. WiFi connection recommended for the Online Multiplayer experience.

How to play Real Racing 3 Apk

Realy easy to play this super Best Real Racing 3. Install it by Google Play store by your Android device. After installation login, after login, the next screen will show three icons. The first icon will be unlocked, but the other two will stay locked until you do not upgrade to the next level.

By clicking on the first icon, kickstart your racing career!

The features and rules discussed above should be in mind to play either single or multiplayer games. Game controllers that are of nine types should be treated correctly. The heads-up display that shows on screen the current speed, a timer, position, current lap, and information showing on-screen during the race, should be perfect.

To switch between four different camera views, tap on the right corner of the screen during the race. Slipstreaming is also a significant cause of failure. Use it finely if it’s available for your selected event.


👉Multiple classes of real cars

👉Free downloading

👉Easy to play

👉Real track directions

👉Multiplayer pits up to 8 competitors

👉Can save races in Cloud Save

👉Select events to challenge the competitor

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👉Have to make an in-app purchase to opt-out from ads

Real Racing 3 Android Download

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it available for free of cost?
Yes, it’s free to install.

Can I attach controllers to enjoy the game?
Yes, it supports the controller’s features.

What is the file size to install?
It’s about near to 1.7 GB.

How many players can play at once?
Maximum of 8 players.

Real Racing 3 for Android is a fantastic racing game that takes you to a new world of the racing era. Teenagers and youngsters can both enjoy the game. Real-time cars of different companies, real-time people, real-time tracks, and a lot of innovative features make you play the game.