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Introduction of Real Racing 3 Controller

Real Racing 3 is the best so far among all mobile racing video games. It is compatible with both android and IOS devices. Hence this game has real cars, real circuits, and many more things that attract the users. EA has produced this game up to mark. This game has exclusive super controls which are pretty difficult to understand. So Real Racing 3 Controller provides users a great and amazing experience.


Hence Real Racing 3 provides users with a more realistic experience of racing. So everything in these games has fully immense users with real attractions like real people, real places, real tracks, etc. and many others. There are a number of control options for users to control their vehicles. So they can control their vehicle by tilting their devices and by monitoring the on-screen steering.

There is also Driver Assist which assists users in driving control, steering, and traction and turns the brakes on. These controls are provided with users in the game. So users can touch the screen and make the specific controls that they want. There are many options regarding Real Racing 3 Control.

Nowadays, users spend their majority time in enjoying games, and games like Real Racing 3 create the key distinction in the user’s mind. So games like this create a robust impact on user’s thinking and that they wish to play the game during which they create their name by winning races more and more. Hence users want to defeat their opponents in style.


Users will get the prospect of winning the sport by enhancing their driving skills. So vehicles move in no time within the circuits. Hence new users begin their race with Formula one automotive. So the beginners begin its game with level zero and it then will increase by earning the coins, referred to as frame coins.


So there are numerous races in one series of the game. There are nearly one hundred thirty series within the whole game. Hence it includes sure specific cars that area units attend to use in each series. So users need to win the trophies in each series to unlock any series.

Most of the series couldn’t be completed to 100 percent as a result of the players couldn’t purchase the all usable cars of the series. So participants get awarded $ and gold coins by finishing the twenty-fifth, 50%, seventy fifth and 100 percent completion of the series


Real Racing 3 has concerning fifteen to twenty tiers in one series. Hence then every tier has one to 3 races ahead of the users. Once the user unlatches a minimum of one tier of the series, then it any mechanically unlocks all races of a similar tier. This game is the real power of racing within the racing world. Hence it includes the important cars, real drivers, real circuits, etc. So which is able to create this game much better than the opposite athletics games.

Its system is sort of fascinating and additional economical than the other mobile racing game. So it permits the users to view, race against several of the net players.

Real Racing 3 Controls

So we are sharing some type of Real Racing 3 controls which are very helpful for users to understand. Hence most of the users could not understand the scheme of controls. So we are going to reveal the secret of Real Racing 3 controls.

So in standard type Real Racing 3 game, there are almost nine types of controls which are as follows:

Gyroscope 1

This is first type of Real Racing 3 Apk Controller. In this mode, the acceleration is automatic and users have to tilt the device to tilt and stop the car by touching the on-screen brakes. Hence this is the simplest Real Racing 3 Mod Apk Controller.

Gyroscope 2

So in this mode, users should have to drive the car by tilting the device. Users can accelerate their cars by tapping on the right side of the screen and brake by tapping on the left side of the screen.

Gyroscope 3

So users can accelerate their cars by tapping on the bottom of the screen and they can drive cars by tilting devices. So they can stop the car by a tap on the top side.

Gyroscope 3 (Meas)

Users can accelerate their cars by tapping on any side of the screen. So they can drive by tilting the device and stop the car by tapping on the bottom side.

Wheel 1

Hence in this wheel mode, users can see the steering wheel to control the car. So users can slow down the car by touching the right side of the screen and the accelerator is automatic in this mode.

Wheel 1 (Surround)

So in this mode, acceleration is automatic and users can stop the car by tapping the left side of the screen. So wheel is provided on the screen to rotate the car on the left and right sides.

Wheel 2

This model also contains the steering wheel on-screen which users can move right and left side. Users can tap the right side of the screen to accelerate and brake.

Wheel 2 (Surround)

In this mode, users can steer the car by simply moving the wheel on the right and left side of the screen. So users can also accelerate their cars by taping the left side of the screen. Brakes are also processed on the left side of the screen.


Hence users can steer their car angle by touch on the right and left side of the screen. So users can brake the car by touch on the middle side of the screen. But acceleration is automatic in this mode.

Real Racing 3 controller gives users a real satisfaction. They can drive their favorite cars by just choose the best controls of game. This Controller makes this game more easy and comfortable to play.